The Jobs showcase: our way of seeing things from another point of view. Jobs has a strong character but it is a very discreet object, so much so that it can be easily placed on a work bench, just like a tray for dishes. Jobs is the showcase equipped with a minimal base: all the functions of today’s showcases are condensed into a few centimeters in height. Jobs allows you to fully express the design of a place.

Because this new Orion display case represents the revolutionary concept that allows professionals to enhance their profession and capture the attention of customers, thanks to the extraordinary balance between technology and design.

The Jobs revolution was born from the collaboration between the competence of the Orion designers and the professionalism of Iginio Massari, the Master of Italian Pastry Masters. A showcase that enhances creativity with its cutting-edge technology. A showcase that illuminates the scene with the elegance of its details. A showcase that offers an artistic image with the aesthetics of its display.


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