The 365 is pure inspiration.

Specifications of the 365:

  • Aesthetics and Framework – all models
  • 9°C inclined display area – ice cream cabinet
  • Provision of second level of pans for storage – ice cream
  • Glass assembly with aluminium frame covered in steel
  • Double tempered heated front glass – ice cream cabinet
  • The front glass opens downwards for easy cleaning.
  • Sliding doors on rear for access
  • LED lighting on roof and shelves
  • Glass shelves, electronically controlled, move to storage space when required (TS model only)

Technology – Gelato

  • Standard cooling system with semi-hermetic compressors on incorporated air cooling condensing units.
  • Working temperature – -18° to -20°
  • Programmable cycle inversion automatic defrost (for ice cream)or pause defrost (for pastry). Available only in the TS version
  • Electronic check panel with digital thermometer and thermostat
  • Touch screen check panel
  • Electrical supply – 380/3/50 or 220-240/1/50
  • R404A Gas


  • Water cooled
  • Remote air/water cooled
  • TS model – please see below
  • Transparent pans
  • Programmable pause auto defrost (pastry)
  • Self diagnosis and Touch screen control system [TS model only – max 6 cabinets]

Technology – Pastry

  • Standard cooling system with hermetic compressors on incorporated  air-cooling condensing units
  • Programmable pause control defrost
  • Electronic check panel with digital thermometer and thermostat
  • Standard working temperature – +4 – +10
  • standard working temperature of deli hot cabinet – +60
  • Electrical supply 220/1/50

365 Pastry cabinets are available in –

  1. Ventilated – cakes, pastries with cream etc
  2. Ventilated with drawer – cakes, pastries with cream
  3. Static – cakes, pastries
  4. Chocolate/praline
  5. Deli – meat, sandwiches, wraps etc
  6. Dry Hot – pizza, pies
  7. Baine-marie – hot dishes, rice, meat dishes, lasagne etc
  8. Neutral – friands, muffins, biscuits etc


The future is here; ‘One cabinet for all seasons.’ The 365 TS model has it all.  A Pasticceria and a Gelateria in one cabinet!

From a big display area for pastry to an effective ice cream cabinet in 5  mins and four moves.

  1. On the touch screen [optional], press directions for use.
  2. Press the option you want – Ice Cream or Pastry
  3. The Touch Screen [optional] will ask you to confirm this selection. Press OK.   The engine increases power to decrease the temperature up to -20°C.In the meantime remove the display trays and store them away in the appropriate area.
  4. If necessary remove the shelves by automatic control to their storage space. This action can be done by either using the optional Touch Screen or by the electric panel which comes as standard on the cabinet.

NB The RCS system (remote control system) allows you to obtain a complete diagnosis from the comfort of your office. The RCS is new technology which guarantees a continuous service from Italy. Ask for RCS and you will always have a fully operational cabinet.