24 Hour

The 24 Hour comes in 2 different models which are great display cases for work benches and bar counters.

La Rossa

This is a display case which is cubical in shape and is available in 20, 40 and 60cm in height. There are many options including –

  • Hot display.+70/+72C
  • Neutral
  • Refrigerated. +4/+6C
  • Refrigerated with fans.
  • Chocolate +14/+16C
  • Gelateria -18/-20C
  • With storage cell
  • With drawers

NB. Not all options are available in all units.


This display case is for work benches or bar counters and have the unique advantage to preserve space by having a \’slide-away\’ option.

They are 40cm deep and can contain hot and cold dishes, single items, sweet and savoury foods. moreover they make it convenient for bar counter customers to see, choose and eat the item of choice immediately. At various times during the day, when the display function is not needed, bianca slides away out of sight and into the service counter, allowing full use of the bar counter. They have LED lighting, etched tempered double glass on the top and the front display structure.

They have a tempered display shelf (if present) and access is through clear sliding plexiglass doors at the rear. The control panel has three digital displays and thermostat with programmable automatic defrosting (if present. The refrigerating system has internal air-cooled hermetic refrigeration with remote and water cooled optional.

This is an extraordinary system of display cases with front lighting in the glass and available in 20,40 and 60cm lengths.

The cubical shape provides the most volume and maximizes the display space, making La Rossa the undisputed Queen of compact display cases. It can display and conserve any cold product for food service, from ice cream/gelato to pastries, cakes and chocolates, from simple sandwiches and breads and any product that must be kept hot and served hot.