One of the Best Ice Cream Dipping Cabinets Manufacturers in Australia – All Kool Equipment

If you’re a hospitality business owner and looking to upgrade your service, perhaps it’s time to add some ice cream to the menu? Fortunately, at All Kool Equipment, we cater to cafes, restaurants and bars in Australia, providing the highest quality cabinets on the market. Our products include ice cream dipping cabinets and cabinets for all types of foods in the service industry. We specialise in making sure you get the equipment that best suits your business. Whether it’s an ice cream dipping cabinet or to a gelato machine, we have the equipment you need.

Our local offices service all of Australia and New Zealand, and we take pride in our reputation for excellent customer service. Let us assist you with your equipment needs, from hot cabinets to cold display cases, and every kind of amenity for your hospitality business.

How an Ice Cream Dipping Cabinet can Change the way you Serve Ice Cream

If you’re serving up ice cream, you know the value of a quality display case. Customers who can see the desserts will surely order it more often and may order a bit more than they normally would. In addition to having a well-organized menu with vivid graphics, how about tempting your patrons with a close-up view of the many flavours in a high quality ice cream dipping case? There is something powerful about the visual appeal of customers who can see the colourful frozen treat they’re about to enjoy. These types of graphic aesthetics can be fantastic for sales and your business status. Don’t lose valuable customers with a shoddy display case or one that isn’t properly functioning to keep your cold items cold.

As one of Australia’s premier ice cream dipping cabinet manufacturers, we provide cabinets that keep the temperature of the contents consistent throughout. For example, our ice cream dipping cabinets hold a steady temperature that remains the same on the bottom of the case, as well as the top. The ensures perfectly frozen ice cream for your guests.

Why Every Company Needs Ice Cream Dipping Cabinets

If you’ve just opened your own ice cream store or started serving ice cream in your restaurant or café, you probably know the popularity of the creamy frozen treat. Ice cream is an indulgence that can be enjoyed by young and old. A scoop of ice cream can bring back fond memories of childhood or add a hint of fun to an evening dinner. Of course, no one will order melted and unappealing ice cream, so when you care about quality, it’s important to have a display or serving cabinet that can deliver.

With All Kool Equipment, you will never have to worry about servicing your ice cream equipment. We are one of the leading commercial cabinet manufacturers offering a comprehensive customer service package to include service and maintenance. We strive to make sure you get the assistance that you need every time. Also, our goal is to reach out to you after purchase to ensure the equipment is working well. Known for our internationally sold equipment and reliable service, you can count on us.

Give us a call today on 02 9550 1999 and see what everyone is talking about. Let one of our experienced food display specialists help you choose the right equipment for your business.