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If your hospitality business is serving gelato, you need to do it right. Just as there is a difference between soft serve ice cream and regular ice cream, there is a difference between ice cream and gelato. Gelato, which comes to us from Sicily, Italy, is a similar dessert to ice cream but includes less fat and less air. The result is that gelato has a denser consistency than ice cream. To give customers the true gelato experience, then, you have to be ready to serve your gelato at the right temperature.

As you might expect, the optimal temperature for serving gelato is different than the optimal temperature for service ice cream. Have you ever tried to serve ice cream too cold, only to find that it’s hard to scoop because it has become so hard in the freezer? Such an issue will only be magnified with gelato. Because gelato is denser than ice cream, it can really turn into a hard brick of ice if you store it (or try to serve it) at a temperature that is too cold.

Picking the Right Gelato Machine

Needless to say, to make, store and serve gelato at the thick and rich consistency that it should be served, you need the right equipment for the job. At All Kool Equipment, we can provide it for you. For two and a half decades, we have sold gelato machines in Australia and New Zealand. These machines are high quality and come from reputable brands. They are perfect if your goal is to make and serve authentic Italian gelato. We also carry display counters for your gelato, so you can show it off to your customers and keep it at the ideal temperature too.

How can you be sure that shopping with All Kool Equipment will get you the right gelato machine for your commercial applications? There are three ways in which All Kool Equipment beats the competition when it comes to offering the best ice cream and gelato equipment.

  • Experience: All Kool Equipment has been around since 1991 when our founder played a prominent role in bringing Orion-brand ice cream machines to Australia and New Zealand. Since then, we have continued to do our homework with the goal of carrying the best products and brands in the business. Suffice to say that we know the ice cream and gelato industries very well and are happy to help your business with any needs you may have about this trade.
  • Attention to Detail: When you shop with All Kool Equipment for a gelato machine in Australia, we won’t just leave you to your own devices. On the contrary, our people will make sure that you find the correct equipment for your specific needs. We will even train you on how to use and maintain whichever gelato machine or display counter you purchase from us.
  • Ongoing Support: All Kool Equipment’s attention to detail doesn’t stop with the final payment. We care about our customers, and we care about the quality of the ice cream or gelato that our clients serve. With those thoughts in mind, we always follow up with our customers after their purchases to make sure that everything is running well.

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