About Us

Allkool Equipment was opened in 1991 by Brian Docherty when soft serve ice cream was all the rage. It wasn’t long before ice cream shops were opening and people were looking for a reliable ice cream cabinet which could withstand the Australian temperatures as well as show off the ice cream. Brian went to Italy to research the problem and started importing the Orion cabinets.

The first two cabinets, imported in 1992, went into a shop on Bondi Beach and were only removed in 2009 when the shop was closed and the building demolished by developers. Today, there are Orion cabinets in all corners of Australia and several on ships.

Following Brian’s death in 2000, the company has been run and operated by his wife Thelma who is dedicated to offering a fair deal with continuous service for the clients. All Kool Equipment not only sells to the ice cream/gelato industry but has a full range of cabinets for all types of food for cafes, bars, restaurants or self service areas.